Save Files

US Save Files
All story modes done, all equipment, stages, characters, music and accessories unlocked. Cloud, Sephiroth and Squall at level 100. (08/30/2009)

All story modes completed, all equipment, stages, characters, music, and accessories. All characters level 100 with all abilites mastered.

Japanese Save Files
All the characters are unlocked. Warrior of Light/Cloud/Sephiroth/Squall/Tidus are level 100. (07/07/2009)

This save file might show up as corrupted. I'm not sure but here's how to fix a corrupted save file on the PSP.

1. Connect your PSP to your PC via USB or wifi if possible.
2. Go into the PSP > SAVE DATA folder, and find the folder for the game you're looking for (for an easy way to tell which folder is for which game, at the top of the window, click the views icon and change it to "Thumbnails".
3. Back up your current save file to some directory on your computer where you will remember where it is, incase things go bad.
4. Replace the three files in the current save directory, with the ones in the ZIP archive.
5. Disconnect the USB Connection.
6. On the PSP, go under the GAME section of the XMB, go to Saved Data Utility, and check the save to make sure it is not a corrupted icon.
7. Enjoy!