Gears of War 2: Snowblind Map Pack

by Travis

April 1, 2009

With the last map pack release, I did a video walkthrough/review similar to one I just released for the Snowblind Map Pack. On the one for the combustible map pack review, I noticed a lot of people saying the map pack wasn't worth it, that the halo maps were better for the price. Well unlike the last map pack, this one releases three new maps, and a remake of the fan-favorite Fuel Depot from Gears of War 1.

I'll start out with Court Yard, which itself is a very small map. There are only three weapons I saw that spawn on the map. I found the sniper placement in the map a little strange, as it is a close-quarter map. There's also a boomshot, and a pistol spawn. This kind of map seems to suit smaller battles, such as 2 vs 2 or maybe even 3 vs. 3.

Up next is Fuel Depot. Not a lot has changed since the original. The spawn points of weapons seem to be the same as far as I can remember. Some objects have been changed, such as the vehicles and boxes inside the warehouse spawn point. But other than that, it's pretty much the same exact map. Sadly they took out the two gas tanks behind the building you could blow up, which was always funny to see someone new kill themselves with. But if you liked the original, then this is a welcome addition to the list of maps.

Grind Yard is a medium-largish sized map, and the layout kind of reminds me of Gridlock. The map features a upper walkway that extends to both sides of the maps. There's also an area in the middle of the map that is up above the lower courtyard area. This map is pretty well done, and there is a lot of places to take cover in this map. It's probably my second favorite of the new maps.

Under Hill is my favorite out of all the maps released. It is simply a beautiful map. Set at sundown, the area has indoor and outdoor areas. Off in the distance, across the towering bridge, you can see tall skyscrapers, as well as a river below. This map is fairly large, I believe a little bit bigger than Grind Yard. There is an indoor parking garage that has several areas to it. There is also an openable door inside, that leads back outside. There is an area where you can cross the bridge to a certain point, where you will find a mortar. There is a lot of cars on this map obviously, so plenty of places to hide and ambush your opponents.

This map pack I feel is better than the combustible map pack. Obviously it features one more map than the combustible map pack did, and also it's easily noticeable how much care went into the detail and layout of the maps. These maps are simply some of the prettiest things you'll see in the game. I recommend getting them if you can afford too.

Make sure to check out my video walkthrough if you haven't already!