Mega Man 10

by Logan

March 1, 2010

Capitalizing on the success that was Mega Man 9, Capcom decided to visit their Nintendo era once more for another 8-bit revival of the classic Mega Man franchise. While it still manages to retain a lot of the spirit of the older games, it rings out a bit hollow overall.

Being a huge Mega Man fan, I was shocked when Capcom surprised everyone with Mega Man 9 in the fall of 08. It was certainly a treat, retaining all of the aspects that made series great without feeling too much like a cheap nostalgia cash-in. Don't get me wrong, Mega Man 10 is still a great Mega Man game, but it just doesn't leave you with the same feeling of satisfaction.

Gameplay wise, there's really not a whole lot to say, it's classic platforming-action at its finest. The game is still as challenging (although I'd have to say it's easier than Mega Man 9) and unforgiving as ever. However, before you give up, Capcom had some mercy this time and included a brand new "Easy Mode." While the easy option certainly allows anyone to play the game, I found that it goes a bit too far. I'm not trying to say that a game has to be hard to be fun, but the handicaps that the easy mode takes away completely erase any sense of satisfaction that previous installments had.

Another hallmark of the Mega Man franchise has always been a totally kick-ass soundtrack. Mega Man 10 delivers overall, but once again, lives in the shadow of its predecessor. Tracks in MM10 range from forgettable to awesome, but there isn't really much middle ground. I suppose in the grand scheme of things this is a minor complaint, but great music is synonymous with Mega Man in my mind.

In the end, Mega Man 10 is another fitting tribute to the classic franchise. However, it fails to draw you in the way MM9 did. All of the basics are still there and it's all still a blast, but it just lacks the charm that you're probably expecting. Still, if you are (or have ever been) a fan, make sure you pick this one up for your respective console.